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About C2V

Cabo2Vegas Yacht Services is a yacht charter experience like none other in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

What sets us apart from everyone else you Googled? We offer fully customizable charters - the sky is the limit! 

We are a family living in Cabo San Lucas - we own AND work on our yacht with an experienced, bilingual crew. 

Whether we coordinate your wedding proposal with a professional photographer, plan your next all inclusive family snorkel trip with lodging, or organize a Las Vegas style bachelor/bachelorette party, we will personalize the details every step of the way. Cabo2Vegas GUARANTEES an incredible and memorable experience!


You can request a charter one of four ways:

  1. Visit our Cabo2Vegas GetMyBoat Page.

  2. Click on the following link to select a pre-set package and schedule the best time for your tour with our Online Bookings.

  3. Send a Custom Yacht Charter Request and we will reach out to you.

  4. Simply go to our Contact Us and give us a call.


To pay online you can utilize our quick checkout button below, otherwise you will need to book a tour through our Online Bookings system.

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