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5 Cabo Yacht Charter Do’s and Dont’s!

Here are some insider tips to make sure you are in the know before your Cabo yacht charter experience. A few small details can make or break your whole day!

1. DO: Use plenty of sunscreen! Pre-apply, and reapply every 30 minutes or so, according to your SPF selection. Nothing can ruin your Mexican vacation like a painful red burn - in Cabo, the days are long, and the UV’s are strong.

DON’T: Spray sunscreen on the bow (front of the boat) as it can get on the windshield and obstruct the visibility through the glass. Proper sunscreen etiquette on a yacht is to use sunscreen lotion, or if you do have sunscreen in a spray form, just spray it in the palm of your hand and apply as needed. Also remember to use an eco friendly sunscreen if you will be swimming and snorkeling with our underwater friends.

2. DO: Anticipate! If you have never been boating off shore and think you might be prone to motion sickness, consider taking a dramamine/grovel, or looking into a sea-band. The sea’s in Cabo San Lucas are typically VERY calm, but mother nature can be unpredictable. Sea sickness could really affect how much you enjoy your Cabo Yacht charter, so taking preventative measures against motion sickness can be a good idea. Pro tip - start taking the dramamine 12-24 hours before your charter, rather than right before. This allows for full absorption and maximum efficiency. Ginger is a natural remedy to combat nausea.

DON’T: Consume alcohol in excess prior your charter. Hangover’s can be a lot worse on the water, so take it easy the night before. Save it up for the real party on your Cabo Yacht party!

3. DO: Create a “Cabo Yacht playlist”. We have an excellent bluetooth surround sound system, which you can pair your phone to. Music can really set the tone of your yacht charter! Being prepared with a playlist ensures you will be enjoying your favorite tunes.

DON’T: Forget to download your music! Once you leave the harbor, you lose WI-FI and sometimes even cellular data out on the ocean, so don’t let the party die with your reception. Many streaming services also allow you to make songs playable offline. We recommend calling your cell phone provider prior to your trip to ask about roaming on your plan .

4. DO: Get a lot of photos at the beginning of your tour, while you and your group are still fresh, and before you get wet. With your permission, we provide complimentary professional photography during your Cabo Yacht Charter - so take advantage and get those fun group shots!

DON’T: Waste your Cabo Yacht Charter on social media, live streaming. Take some pictures and videos, but be present and enjoy your trip through your eyes and ears, not through the lens. A Cabo Yacht Charter can be a once in a lifetime experience for you and your group. Plus, why kill your cell battery for the rest of the day and risk dropping your phone in Pacific Ocean?! 5. DO: Relax and have fun! It’s literally YOUR party and pretty much anything goes. It does not get more exclusive than chartering a private yacht! Enjoy the drinks, gourmet food and water toys. Try out our paddle boards, rent a jet ski, or just enjoy the views!

DON’T: Don’t have any regrets about your Cabo Yacht Charter, if you are booked with us, you chose a trustworthy and family owned company that will strive to give you an unforgettable experience. See you at the dock!

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