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How to Make the Most of your Spring Break! 😎

Spring break is a rite of passage for you hard working students, and if you are lucky enough to spend it in Cabo San Lucas - THE PREMIER SPRING BREAK DESTINATION IN NORTH AMERICA! - here are a few tricks to make the most of your week!

◦ Do your research a few months in advance, and look for organizations that offer bulk discounts for groups. “JusCollege” is a very popular one. Many local Cabo businesses offer pre-paid food and drink vouchers for Cabo spring breakers. This removes the guess-work on where to eat, what to do, and how much it will cost.

◦ Charter a yacht! We may be a little biased, but no Cabo spring break would be complete in our eyes without spending some time at sea. Cabo2Vegas Yacht offers a one of a kind Las Vegas style party in the Sea of Cortez! Fill out a contact form and ask us about our special “per-person” Cabo Spring Break 2020 pricing! We can even make a drone video for your crew, so the memory can last a life time.

“Mango Deck” beach club is the heart beat of spring break in town, and “ME Cabo” has a day club called “Blue Marlín Ibiza” that boasts an incredible roster of the top DJ’s in the world during the month of March. At night, downtown Cabo lights up with music EVERYWHERE!

Our top 2 picks for dancing are “Mandala nightclub” , and the world famous “Squid Roe”.

Give us a call or email, and let us help you plan the perfect week! You deserve it!

US Phone #: 1-702-304-9191

Mexico Phone #: +52-624-688-3134


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