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The Best Whale Watching Yacht Charters are in Cabo San Lucas!

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Whale watching on a yacht charter in Cabo San Lucas has to be one of the most extraordinary experiences anyone can enjoy and Cabo2Vegas is ready to provide you a one of a kind whale watching tour like no other yacht charter company on the Baja. Read through this article to learn more about whale watching in Cabo and why it is such a special season to come visit the Baja Sur, do not miss this opportunity once a year when the whales show off their majestic glory!

What makes Cabo special for Whale Watching Tours?

Cabo San Lucas is located in the country of Mexico, in the state of Baja California Sur, at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula known as “Land’s End”. Our unique location, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, makes this the perfect destination for unique water activities, and seasonally November-April, the perfect place to charter a yacht for a whale watching tour. Whales come here in search of warm water, and food in the Sea of Cortez, migrating all the way from Alaska and British Columbia. Cabo is home to many warm shallow bays, that are perfect for whales to give birth and protect their young. The closest and most popular bays that we visit on a Cabo yacht charter are Santa Maria and Chileno Bay. In the middle of the season, when the Mother whales have regained some strength from giving birth, and their calve’s have learned how to swim, it is not uncommon to see a spectacular show of playful breaching on your Cabo yacht charter.

What species of whales might you see on a Cabo Whale Watching Tour?

Among the most popular species, it is possible to find the Minke Whale, Gray Whale, Byrde’s Whale, Fin Whale, Humpback Whale, Blue Whale and Sei Whale, while most often we spot Gray and Humpbacks on Cabo boat trips. Cabo2Vegas Yacht has experienced and seasoned Captain’s to make your Cabo Whale Watching tour something you won’t forget! While we never guarantee that you will see whales during the entire season, in January and February the odd’s are the highest, you may even catch a peak from your hotel balcony. Our 45’ Searay motor yacht and 85’ Viking Princess Sport’s Cruiser, boast expansive bow seating areas in the front of both luxury yachts, to share this special experience with your friends and family.

When is the best time to charter a yacht for a Cabo Whale Watching Tour?

That depends on your budget, personal preferences regarding weather, water temperature, and crowds. Many people think a luxury yacht charter in Cabo would be out of their price range, but at Cabo2Vegas Yacht, we offer private and all inclusive tours starting as low as $750 USD, for up to 6 passengers on our gorgeous 45’ Sea Ray motor yacht “Cabo2Vegas”. We also offer early riser specials - if you enjoy the mornings (from our observation, whales appear to be most visible early in the day) we offer special pricing, please email for a custom quote! Another way to maximize your budget, and beat the crowds, is to plan your visit and Cabo yacht rental just after “high tourism season” ends, which is traditionally February. The Whales are incredibly active and the airfare, accommodation costs, and number of tourists in Cabo San Lucas decrease dramatically. Learn more about our Seasonal Whale Watching Tour here.

Our luxury Cabo yacht rental tours begin by embarking your vessel at the IGY Marina in downtown Cabo San Lucas. Once aboard, you will remove your shoes, receive a safety briefing from the Captain or a crew member, settle up any remaining payment you may have due, and then the fun begins! One of the best reasons to charter a private yacht in Cabo is that you call the shots (tequila?!) in regards to itinerary. You can specify to the Captain that you may only wish to whale watch part of the time, and snorkel the rest, or just anchor and enjoy the sun. As long as weather and safety permit, the crew will do their best to ensure the perfect Cabo yacht charter. Fill out a contact form, and we will provide you with a customized quote as soon as possible for your next luxury yacht rental! Click here to book your whale watching tour in Cabo San Lucas today! Or send us an email at!


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