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Our Top 4 yacht charter snorkel destinations in the Sea of Cortez, Cabo San Lucas!

Whether you are interested in a 2 hour or 48 hour tour, Cabo2Vegas Yacht will help you create the Cabo Yacht Charter of your dreams! 1. Pelican Rock - If you are short on time (or spending money) but do not want to miss out on a Cabo2Vegas Yacht snorkel trip, this is the perfect tour for you! Pelican Rock is an excellent place to snorkel and dive in the Sea of Cortez. It tops the list due to it’s proximity to the marina and the famous arches - it is right in the middle. There is a wide variety of tropical fish, and turtles available underwater for your viewing pleasure. On the rock formations, you can usually see large groups of sea lions and pelican’s bathing in the sun. Pelican rock is about 40 feet high, and when weather permits, many visitors enjoy climbing to the top of the rock and jumping off! Talk about Instagram content!! For a less ambitious activity, you can swim or paddle board to the famous lover’s beach! Our Pelican rock snorkel trip is only a 2 hour yacht charter, but if you don’t want the fun to stop (and scheduling permits) you can extend your tour as long as you wish!

2. Santa Maria Bay - This beautiful horse-shoe shaped bay is a great destination for snorkeling on your Cabo Yacht Charter. Whale watch along the way as It is only a 6 mile 30-40 minute cruise from the marina, but HEAVILY saturated with coral reef and wildlife. Mexico partakes in the “blue flag programme”, which was created by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Norway. Santa Maria is a blue flag beach, meaning that no pets, littering, commercial sun screen, and several other restrictions are in place on the beach to protect this beautiful bay as much as possible. We love to anchor Cabo2Vegas Yacht at the perfect spot in the middle of the cove to provide the best snorkeling visibility, and if conditions permit, close to enough to swim, paddleboard, or kayak to the pristine beach with pink sand! If snorkeling isn’t your thing, feel free to just relax on the bow (front of the boat) or on one of our many luxurious Lilly pads and float’s. This is a minimum of a 3 hour Cabo Yacht Charter, but can be customized to be longer if you wish! As always, our tours are 100% customizable and all inclusive of delicious food, beverages, and professional photography. Check out our menu’s for more information!

3. Chileño Bay - Our most popular Cabo Yacht Charter snorkel tour is to the tropical Chileño Bay. This is also a blue flag beach with loads of coral reef and tropical fish. While we love the other destinations we have listed, this is by the far the best bang for the buck - a perfect balance of beauty and value! If you are interested in fishing or whale watching along the way, prepare to be dazzled! On the 45-60 minute cruise up the East cape of the Sea of Cortez, we can throw a few fishing lines in the water and pray to catch a dorado “mahi-mahi” or tuna! During high whale watching season, you are guaranteed to see mother and baby whales frolicking and breaching! You can sometimes even see whales right in the bay, as they give birth there because the water is so warm! Cabo2Vegas yacht features a highly experienced crew who know exactly where to find the whales, dolphins, and sometimes the fish! Our brand new top of the line Simrad yachting system and fish finder assist us as well! This Cabo Yacht Charter has a 4 hour minimum, which is also the recommended amount of time for maximum enjoyment, although 1 extra hour in paradise never hurt anyone! These waters are so clear you can see the fish above the water! We will throw some fish food in the water and you can watch these brightly colored fish jump up out of the water right in front of you! Small children and babies enjoy this so much, it is a one of a kind experience! Ask about our March madness specials!

4. Cabo Pulmo national park -The National Marine Park at Cabo Pulmo is a jewel, as it boasts the largest living coral reef on the West coast of North America. This park offers 5 miles of federally protected beach, which means you will most likely never see more fish or a bigger bait ball in your entire life! Please inquire within, as this Cabo Yacht Charter is so exotic and complex, it is not yet available for direct online booking, only by email, or over the phone. This is a minimum of an 8 hour tour, as it is 60 miles north East of Cabo San Lucas. We also offer overnight trips aboard Cabo2Vegas Yacht. This is perfect for a family of 4 who want to experience the beauty of sleeping at sea, with a chef on board! Once there, we can arrange for private scuba diving instructors to meet us with gear, or if you would feel more comfortable sleeping in a hotel near the staff, we can accommodate that also. Please Fill out a contact form, Email our owner, or give her a call/text on her cell at 1702-340-9191 or her local Cabo office +52-624-688-3143 for more information.

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